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Keith Haring painting a wall at the Pavilion of the 17th Biennial of São Paulo, 1983

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THE NOVEMBER METEORS, as observed between midnight and 5am on the night of November 13-14, 1868. Illustration, circa 1881, by Etienne Leopold Trouvelot.

(New York Public Library)

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Eye of Horus and Pineal gland cross-section comparison.

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The radical nude, Egon Schiele

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Jenny Holzer, My arrogance knows no bounds and I will make no peace today, and you should be so lucky to find a woman like me 

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HB does D.C.

I am way too drunk too be alive in Brooklyn right now. God bless my beautiful drunk-ass friends for facilitating this shit quest.


frida kahlo

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Architectures for Advertisement [to appreciate architecture you need to commit a murder]

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